21 July 2011

The Top of the Island

Black Jack Campground with Mount Orizaba in the background
Date:  16 July 2011
Who hiked:  Me, Hubby, Things 1 and 2
Where:  Airport Road to Mt. Orizaba (and back)
When: 0940 - 1345
Weather:  70s, partly cloudy

Distance:  5.6 miles (measured on GPS)
Elevation range: (Coming soon)

Necessity is the mother of invention.
We went camping at Little Harbor last weekend for the first time this year. Our tent camper reprimanded us for neglecting it by getting a flat tire on the way to the campground. And, being out of practice, we forgot a few key items -- a large pot for cooking spaghetti, a colander, and the coffee filter. We were able to solve all of these issues, the most important of which was clearly that of infusing our bodies with caffeine on Saturday morning.

The Things had voted for a hike up the tallest mountain on Catalina, Mt. Orizaba (elevation 2103 ft). This surprised me because such a hike obviously involves going uphill, something they usually balk at. Or at least complain about while in the process of doing.

But we got up Saturday morning, managed to imbibe the minimum required amount of coffee, then hopped in the truck to drive to the trailhead for our hike. We chose to hike from the Black Jack Campground turn off on Airport Road to the top of Orizaba. 

13 July 2011

Cape Canyon Reservoir

Bison at Cape Canyon Reservoir

Date:  11 July 2011
Who hiked:  Me, Things 1 and 2
Where:  Cape Canyon Road (out and back)
Click to enlarge elevation profile
When: 1045-1435
Weather:  starting overcast, clearing to mostly cloudy and warm (70s)

Distance:  6.8 miles (measured on GPS)
Elevation range: just over 400 ft, but felt less because of distance

After too many days parked in front of the television, watching cyclists crash at the Tour de France, I decided it was time for a hike. Monday was a rest day at the Tour, so I set my sights on Cape Canyon for Monday morning.

The hike is long, but flat. There is not much shade, but we saw a lot of wildlife and a lot of wildflowers blooming. And because it's an out-and-back route, you can adjust the length to suit your tastes, time, or ability.

12 July 2011

Mount Monadnock Kicks My Butt

Where: Mount Monadnock, NH
Date:  27 June 2011
Who hiked:  Me, Hubby, Things 1 and 2

VACATION! Hubby's family hails from New England and many members still live there. We spent most of our time in the Boston area, visiting Revolutionary War and Colonial-era sites. Thing 1 was a great tour guide, having just finished 5th grade, when California school children learn about American history.

Thing 2, Hubby, Thing 1 on the trail
We walked all through Boston, experienced Plimoth Plantation, learned about whaling, biked on Cape Cod, and then traveled to New Hampshire for a family reunion. A day of meat (lots of meat) and beer was followed by a hike to Mt. Monadnock -- reportedly the most hiked mountain in the world. One guy even hiked it every day for EIGHT years!