29 January 2013

Goodbye and thanks for all the hikes

Greetings from Richland, Washington!

My family and I have moved from Catalina to sunny Eastern Washington, home to fine wines, minor-league hockey, and fierce spring winds.

Thank you for visiting this hiking blog -- I've enjoyed writing it and I hope that you enjoyed reading it. I won't be removing these posts (at least until Blogger does it for me) -- I hope that you will come back to read about the hikes that I've done in my years on the island.

I hope to visit Catalina again -- to hike her dusty trails that lack switchbacks, to enjoy the view of San Clemente Island from the Trans-Catalina Trail, to revel in the spring wildflowers that dot her hillsides.  I'll miss the hooded orioles in my back yard, the bison grazing in my front yard, and the wonderful people who live on and visit the island.

If I do get back to the island and log a few miles, I'll update the Catalina Hiking Diary... Until then, for you, my few readers, may the views be worth the climb to the top.