20 August 2011

What have I been doing? This...

Where have I been in August?

(Original post updated on 30 August with new pics!)

Robert C. Seamans
 I've been working for the Sea Education Association program "Oceanography of the Southern California Bight".  The first 10 days were on board a 134-ft brigantine tall ship, the Robert C. Seamans. We sailed from San Francisco to Catalina Island. I was a deckhand -- handling lines, cleaning, and completing hourly weather and boat checks.

Once we arrived on Catalina Island, I transitioned to being the instructor for the marine ecology course -- we've had a great time exploring the near-shore environments on Catalina.

On Monday the class is over -- very sad. But it means that I should be back to hiking soon!

Meanwhile, here's a GoogleEarth image of where we sailed.  Each sailboat represents our semi-daily location (at either 0000 hr or 1200 hr) between 4 August and 13 August.

Sunset over Santa Barbara Island

Moonrise over Catalina