17 March 2012

My Trans-Catalina Trail Plan

I have been planning to through-hike the Trans-Catalina Trail this spring.  A combination of factors have convinced me that I'm better off hiking it in sections. 

(1) I don't have a three-day period to tackle the trek. 

(2) I could hike 1/3 of the trail in one day (between 12 and 15 miles), but I wouldn't be able to move the next morning. Yes, I know that I could train for the hike, but given my sporadic hiking schedule this spring, I'd never get around to it.  

So, I'm dividing the TCT into sections and tackling each separately. I plan to split it into four pieces:  
  • The East End (the Renton Mine section near Avalon);
  • Avalon to the Airport;
  • the Airport to Two Harbors; and
  • Two Harbors to Starlight Beach.  

I doubt that I'll finish them in that order or in those directions, but look for them here over the next six weeks or so!

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